A woman went on stage and the crowd was speechless. However, when she pulled off her dress, the audience went wild!

All kinds of talent shows often show people who only think that they have talent and can do something. They often think that making fools of themselves will be their path to a career. They are popular for a moment on gossip or parody sites, and then disappear forever in the depths of your browsing history.

Rarely does any real talent occur, which makes it worthwhile to organize this type of competition. Which after watching, we just don’t know what to say. This is the case of the 37-year-old Cristina Ramos!

When she went on stage, there were no signs of the shock that will have been given to everyone, from the judges to each viewer. In a modest black dress, she said that she’ll sing … How many times we have seen that, it’s nothing new. But while she began to sing with an opera aria voice, you’d think nothing would surprise you. You don’t even know how wrong you are!


After a moment, something else happens! After a minute on stage, everything changes! See for yourself and share this extraordinary performance with friends.

And the winner is …. ? On the next page you can check final results and other songs by Cristina Ramos


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