A woman let a homeless man sleep in her house. She didn’t realize that he would drag her out of her bed a few hours later

Some people find the urge to help others so strong that they don’t hesitate to invite strangers to their houses.

Being homeless is terrible and people who haven’t experienced it can barely imagine how it is to live on the street. They don’t know how it is to suffer from cold and have nowhere to go. It becomes especially difficult in fall when the temperature goes down and it starts to rain or snow. There are places, like shopping malls or supermarkets, where the homeless can stay for a while and warm up a bit but they are not welcome there.

In the perfect world we have created, we refuse to see the homeless and we don’t want them to ask us for spare change. Everybody is aware of their existence but we would rather keep them away. Unfortunately, such insensitivity leads to tragic consequences. Looking for warmth, the homeless die in fires or, sometimes, they die of cold. And it doesn’t have to be freezing outside for it to happen. Luckily, there are still good people out here.


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