Throw THIS into the washing machine and get snow-white clothes! It also removes the yellow discoloration caused by antiperspirant and blood stains as well!

Almost everyone feels good and looks great in light colors, but it’s difficult to keep them in perfect condition. Right after being purchased, they’re snow-white, but with time they turn more and more gray and aren’t as nice as before.

The reasons may be various, e.g. sediment present in the washing machine drum, poor quality washing detergent or clothes of different colored fabrics being dyed together. To restore the original white color to faded clothing, be sure to try the method shown below. It’s more effective than many of the chemical substances out there!


How to prepare a whitening agent at home?

Take five aspirin pills and dissolve them in two gallons of hot water. It’s best to crush them so that they quickly mix in with the water.

Put the faded clothes into a wash bowl and pour the mixture over them. Let it sit for approx. 8 hours and preferably overnight. Make sure that all the clothing is completely submerged in the water

You can throw a couple of pills into the washing machine, but a better solution would be to soak the clothes for an extended period of time. Then the whitening effect will be much more visible.


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