This 4-year-old girl walked 5 mi in 13-degree freezing weather to save her grandmother! Is she a modern Red Riding Hood?

We know that children love their parents most. After them come the grandparents who spoil them without limits.

Between this older and the youngest generation, a strong relationship often develops. It’s no surprise. They do, after all, spend a great deal of time together. When everyone lives under one roof, the relations between grandchildren and their grandparents is even stronger.

4-year-old Saglana Salchak also loved her grandmother without bounds. They lived in a remote Siberian village in the Republic of Tuva. Their small home was far away from civilization, and the nearest town was about 200 kilometers (125 mi) away. Both Saglana’s grandmother and grandfather were elderly and no longer benefited from having good health. We don’t know if the girl’s parents also lived in the house. We only know that this one unlucky day she was alone with her grandparents.

What happened in this small village near the border of Mongolia? More about this on the next page.

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