They cut their upper lip to look sexy! Were these transformations necessary?

Large and full lips are fashionable in the United States and Europe.

The big lip trend was started by celebrities, like Kylie Jenner, who convinced others that she enlarged her lips with the help of a glass. Then many young and naive people followed her steps and tried out the trick. Not everyone was satisfied with the effects. Many people experienced the glutamate effect, and some people broke up their lips.

Currently filler injections are one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in medicine. Apparently, the number of requests for lip injections between 2000 and 2016 has increased by as much as 50%. The most interested people in these treatments are, of course, women who dream of large and juicy lips like Angelina Jolie’s. Every trend dies out one day and gives way to a new one. Is this what happened in the matter of enlarging the lips?

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