For fun, they cut off a dog’s ears! Now thousands of Internet users are trying to determine their address, so they may receive the punishment they deserve

Bragging on the Internet with your own stupidity is … even more stupid.

The need to show other people about your life is greater now than ever before, and thanks to the Internet and social networking sites, people can quickly tell hundreds about what they have and what they have done. Unfortunately, people boast not only about positive things, but also their mindlessness.

Every second on the Internet, tens of thousands, if not millions, of new photos appear. People throw onto the net not just holiday photos or important events in their lives, but also their daily life, what they have done, the good and the evil.

Generally bragging about your own stupidity on the Internet is not good, but it may be useful. Internet users, often with photos from social networks, can identify the perpetrators of various crimes and atrocities.

On the Internet nobody is anonymous, even if they hide their personal information or image. When deciding to publish photos online, you need to be aware that the details of photography can become a great source of information about us and bring strangers directly to our door.

Abbygale Talulian of Sacramento, California, came across pictures of two men triumphantly posing with a dog that had just cut the ears off of! It can be seen that the guys are satisfied with what they have done and that they obviously want to boast about their actions for the Internet’s users.

Have these young bandits been identified? The answer to this question can be found on the next page. 

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