These twins were born with different skin colors. Here’s how they look 20 years later!

Pregnancies with twins are not only double the joy but also double the responsibilities.

Sometimes parents have to reach out to family or babysitters for help in order to cope with the unruly little ones. Twins come into the world quite infrequently, but from year to year even more are being born. The reasons for this include the use of in vitro treatments and the use of birth control pills. In the first month after ending their use, the chances of getting twins increase significantly.

Donna Aylmer was crying with joy when she learned she would become the mother of twins. However, that wasn’t the only surprise. The next surprise took place just after birth. The girls were beautiful and healthy, but they differed significantly in appearance. One was white and the other was black. Skin color is not visible in an ultrasound, so the parents were completely unprepared for such an event.

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It didn’t mean that they weren’t happy. They were proud of the fact that each of the girls inherited different traits. They were named Lucy and Mary. The married couple had three older children, but none of them was white. They all had darker skin than Lucy’s and lighter than Mary’s. The girls grew up together and brought their parents plenty of joy. From year to year they became more and more different. Lucy had red hair, blue eyes, and fair skin with freckles, while Mary had curly dark hair and deep brown eyes.

The twins’ father is white while their mother is half Jamaican. The parents did not expect that their children would inherit their genes in such a strange way. They all live in Gloucester in the United Kingdom. Today the girls are 20-years old and no one believes that they are sisters. The differences in their appearance and character are even more radical. They have completely different interests and ideas for what they want to do in life. Mary is a crazy extrovert who is interested in fashion and her sister is the complete opposite.

She is calm and prefers to dress completely differently. It’s a plus that they’ll never be stealing one another’s clothes. One is studying law, the other, art. The girls tolerate their differences and claim that they make a great team. They often reminisce on their time in school and the unfortunate situations they encountered. Children teased them and suggested that one of them was adopted. They encounter similar opinions even now.

It happened that sometimes the sisters would envy the other’s appearance. Mary couldn’t stand her unruly and curly hair and looked at Lucy’s straight hair with envy. Now they accept themselves completely. They don’t see a world outside of each other and they happily spend all of their free time together. Mary loves telling her friends that she has a white sister. Unfortunately, no one believes her and then the girl has to show them her birth certificate.

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