The woman bought her daughter a Kinder Surprise but she definitely didn’t expect this kind of present!

Children love sweets, and manufacturers of these delicious treats take advantage of their love to get rich.

Chocolates, bars and other things we won’t mention here, but mainly unhealthy snacks are mainly directed at children. They are packaged in such a way that entices children to reach for them. The packages are decorated with little animals, or characters from TV shows. Gifts and gadgets are added to chocolates and other sweets that every child wants to have.

Even though parents know that this isn’t the best thing a child can eat, they break and buy them these snacks. Many parents don’t see anything wrong with giving their child something sweet every once in awhile. However, you have to be careful not only with the quantity of what you’re giving them, but also on the quality of the sweets. Unfortunately, unpleasant surprises can happen to anyone, even if they reach for products from the top shelf.

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Kinder surprises are products from the highest shelf, their not-so-low price means that parents don’t reach for these sweets very often. However, children love them because they can always find some type of treasure in them. This delicacy is banned in the US because there are rules preventing the placement of small items inside of chocolates. A child could choke and suffocate. Recently Kinder has had bad press, as various parts of Europe point out that the company doesn’t follow safety procedures.

Vikki Maguire-Grant bought this surprise egg for her daughter and with horror discovered that there was a needle in the chocolate! The mother was scared, because if her child had opened the chocolate alone and wanted to eat it, it could have lead to a tragedy.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t received any information from the company as to how the metal in the chocolate went through quality control, and she’s warning other parents to be careful when buying treats. How could things have gotten to such a lack of oversight?

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