The lost wedding ring spent 15 years in the ground on Christmas tree plantation to get back to its owner just after his beloved wife’s death

Being married is difficult but if a couple truly loves one another they can be together for their whole life.

When two elderly people are walking down the street and holding hands, everyone looks at them with admiration and jealousy because they have managed to spend a few decades together. David Penner and his wife Nancy experienced such looks many times as they spent over 40 years together and brought up wonderful children and grandchildren.

The Penners from New Jersey were a loving married couple and they always supported each other.

The relationship wasn’t spoilt by the fact that David lost his wedding ring, the symbol of their love, 15 years ago. He was working on a Christmas tree plantation and the ring fell off his finger to disappear in the dirt. Hard as he tried, he didn’t manage to find it.

The couple accepted the fact that it was gone but it was a great loss for them. On the next pages you will find out who found the wedding ring and how it got back to the rightful owner.

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