The dog was so sick that even the most experience veterinarians couldn’t recognize the breed! The view was heartbreaking

Even if the whole world tells you that you will fail, never give up as nobody knows what the future may bring.

There are stray animals in every town and city. Most of them are dogs and they find it especially difficult to adapt to living on the street. They don’t know how to find food and fight for shelter and they are less resistant to harsh conditions.

Killen is a town in northern Alabama, USA. It is home to Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt that saves abused and stray animals and finds them new homes. It is a non-profit organization and they have already helped dozens of animals.

Last year, they looked after a dog called Augustus or Auggie for short. He was so seek and exhausted that it was impossible to tell the breed but although there was little hope they started the treatment.

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