The court didn’t condemn the rapist, so the victim’s father dealt justice out himself. He grabbed a machete and cut his hands off! Was this punishment fair?

25-year-old Parminder Singh from India cut off both the hands of a teenager who raped his seven-year-old daughter.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth – states the law of the talon, according to which the punishment for a crime should be just as serious as the crime itself. People who choose this form of justice are often those who seek it in vain in court. Those who know this justice, in a desire to carry out a penalty and their revenge, will often do things they never would have suspected themselves of being able to do.

Things were similar in the case of Parminder Singh of India, who decided to give out righteous justice with his own hands to this deceiving teenager. The punishment he prepared for the 17-year-old boy was blooder, but was it fair?

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