Identify in this graphic one of the seven animals and see what your choice says about you. Only the first answer counts!

Mankind is a puzzle that psychologists have been trying to solve for years.

People can be very different from each other, which does not mean they are not like each other. Although everyone is a unique individual, psychologists have managed to distinguish several types of personalities that correspond to the disposition of people with specific characteristics.

People are generally not quite aware of how their environment is perceived. Someone may seem to be an empathetic and nice person, but others may consider them a nosy and overzealous person. This shows how difficult it is to assess and classify human character.

How can you properly assess your character? Use one of the many tests that psychologists have developed over the years. Thanks to their hard work, it is easier to reach the subconscious of a human being and to see what that says about that individual.

The subconscious is, among other things, responsible for the images we see. The experience accumulated in the subconscious mind prompts the brain to record in the vision, so tests of interpretation of innocuous drawings say a lot about the personality of a person.

The following image contains as many as 7 animal species: horse, bird, crab, duck, dolphin, bear and dog (puppy). Tick ​​the animal you saw first and see what your choice says about your personality.

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