Some degenerate cut this dog’s paws up! The torture didn’t end there…

Some people beat dogs because they cause them trouble and people want to fix them this way.

They think that a few slaps or kicks will take care of the issue, but they’re very wrong. Sometimes this type of treatment brings about the opposite desired results and the dog becomes even more aggressive. In general, it is difficult to understand how you could cause any living creature harm. We don’t lack psychopaths, however, and they’ll happily unload their anger on the weak and defenseless.

On November 30, 2014, an animal rescue organization from Montevideo in Uruguay received a report of an injured dog in the possession of a certain man. When rescuers arrived at the place, no one knew to whom the pet belonged. It was said that he was found wounded in the yard and then someone immediately called for help. The four-legged creature probably didn’t end up on the property by himself because he was tortured. All four of his paws were cut up and he certainly could not have traveled very far on his own, so either someone dropped him off here or his torturer lived among the local residents, but didn’t want to reveal himself out of fear for being held criminally responsible.

Did the dog manage to survive? More about this on the next page.

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