She gathered together a spool of toilet paper. When I saw what she made out of it, I also wanted to do exactly the same!

Before throwing away your next spool from toilet paper, think again. You can use it for many creative ideas and make something really useful. Today we will show you how to use this seemingly useless material.

See what you can make out of it.

1. You can make mini bird feeders out of the paper spools. All you need to do is to glue seeds to it.



2. They also work good as pots, where you can plant your favorite vegetables or flowers.


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3. If you glue sticks to it, then you can make a practical segregator for pens and pencils.



4. You can also make fashionable gift wrap from toilet paper spools.


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5. They work perfectly for storing tissues, scarfs and jewelry. It’s a great way to get rid of any mess.


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