Compare the composition of Kit Kats from 1995 and 2017. The differences are huge and consumers are deeply disappointed!

The Swiss corporation Nestlé AG is the largest food company in the world.

The company was founded in 1866 by the German pharmacist Henri Nestlé and has been developing since then, taking over many food companies. Nestlé is best known for the production of milk powder, baby shampoo and conditioner, and many other products, including: candy bars, mineral waters, ice cream, coffee, pet food and cereal.

There is probably no person in the world who would not have encountered their products at least once. Most people had the pleasure of eating a Kit Kat, Oreo or Lion bar or have a delicious Nesquik breakfast cereal. A lot of consumers accuse the company and say that products labeled with the Nestlé logo are getting worse and worse each year. It’s not about taste, but about the compositions of the products. The manufacturer adds to them more and more sugar and palm oil, which are very harmful.

Emma Duncan of Warsop in the United Kingdom owns a shop with trinkets and used items. Pretty recently, in an old box, she found a Kit Kat bar from 1995. The original red packaging was intact and all the inscriptions, including the composition of the product, were perfectly visible. Emma did not intend to eat a 22-year-old candy bar, but compared it with a current Kit Kat. She went to the store and bought a candy bar made in 2017.

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