No one will forget this birth, because the baby was born holding in their hand an … object! What could the little one possibly have found in his mother’s stomach?

Life writes the most surprising scenes for us that even the best storyteller would not be ashamed of telling.

Having a baby is a great responsibility, which is why increasingly more attention is being paid to having well-informed and mature parents. Women are deciding to have children increasingly later on in life in order to first stabilize their family situation or professional life, so that they can peacefully get to this difficult role.

Lucy Hellein of Alabama in the United States belongs to this group of women who decide to postpone maternity until later on. The woman wasn’t ready for the appearance of a child, so she used contraceptives. Her husband supported her decision to wait to become a parent.

In the fall of last year, Lucy began to feel strange, but at first she ignored her symptoms, blaming her bad feelings on responsibilities and stress. But when she stopped menstruating, she took a test. The test informed the woman that she was pregnant. The couple was shocked.

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