More proof that perspective is important. These 15 pictures verify it!

When taking pictures, we try to look good, pose appropriately, so that the final effect is nice, and so we can show it off and share it.

From time to time, it turns out that are pictures are special, but not in the way we expected after all. This happens all because of perspective, settings, which create a different visual effect than we have initially intended.

These pictures capturing seemingly normal moments changed into situations we don’t see every day.

1. Leave something for the honeymoon.


2. Girls, please.


3. The hardest cookie to bite.  


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No one wanted to play with this sad, sick dog. One day, someone came along and changed his life.
Diseases and physical deformities make life difficult not only for people, but also for animals who, like us, also feel pain. They are also often rejected by their surroundings because of their differences, which causes them to suffer both physically

They named him a coward and wished him death for having survived the Titanic disaster! We wonder how they would behave in his place?
Japan is usually associated with a fantastic culture, beautiful geishas and tea rituals. These are correct associations, but the Country of Cherry Blossoms is related to something else. With the honor and punishment that people experience when losing

Hunters pose for photos with their trophy lion, when suddenly a second wild cat appears! His attack was inevitable…
Hunting by some is considered a sport or hobby, while others view it only as meaningless barbarity. Particular outrage is raised by hunting, which targets less numerous or even endangered species. Unfortunately, there are people who, after all, canno

When You Look At The Illustrations You Won’t Believe Your Eyes! It Was Created From… Other Pictures! See For Yourself!
Davit Yukhanyan is an architect and illustrator from Armenia. He works as an architect, but his every free moment he devotes for drawing. He is inspired by the music, he creates inconceivably detailed images. It is believed that the elements of his