He predicted the 9/11 attacks and Trump winning the election. See his surprising prophecy for 2017!

Michel de Nostredame is definitely one of the most famous seers in the world and, despite many people saying that his prophecies has nothing to do with the truth, it is hard to deny the facts that have already happened.

It is thought that Nostradamus predicted the 9/11 terrorist attack, the Great Fire of London, the revolution in Iran, Hitler coming to power, Islamic invasion, the plague epidemic and numerous disasters the humanity has experienced so far.

He is also believed to have predicted Donald Trump winning the presidential election. The seer called him a “great, shameless and audacious bawler”. Skeptics claim that it is all a lie and the shocking prophecies are the result of bad translation and misinterpretation.

According to Nostradamus, the year 2017 will bring a lot of changes. What are they? You will find out on the next pages!

source : inquisitr.com, elitereaders.com, express.co.uk, pouted.com

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