He’s barely 18 years old and came up with a bra that can save the lives of millions of women

Age doesn’t matter when you want to help, but these brilliant discoveries made by young people are always surprising.

Breast cancer collects lives from all over the world. Sometimes it infects quickly, sometimes it develops over years. And, unfortunately, women don’t get examined nearly enough, because there’s always something more important to do. They often don’t realize how important it is to get tested, how to examine themselves, and what to do when they feel something that’s not right. And neglecting even a small tumor can cost them their life.

The most important thing in dealing with cancer is prevention, which we often forget about. Many tumors that we underestimate can be quickly treated in the early stages of the illness, but later on, unfortunately, there may be no chance of that. And the illness of one person affects the entire family. Especially when a woman with young children falls sick, the fear of losing their mother is huge.

Ríos Cantú translated his fear of his dying mother with cancer into an invention that might revolutionize breast cancer prevention.

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source : higia.tech

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