He threw the dog a piece of chicken in followed the animal. What he saw after a few moments melted his heart

Animals living on the street don’t have an easy life. Every day, they struggle to find food and shelter.

The situation gets especially bad in winter. They have to cope with freezing cold and sometimes fight for survival in extreme weather conditions. Looking for shelter, they sneak into basements, abandoned buildings or garbage containers. Unfortunately, some of them die of cold and lack of food anyway. Cats are in the worst situation. They often hide under cars in search for warmth. Not every cat is able to escape before unaware drivers start their cars.

There are people who never hesitate to help animals in need, but there are also people who simply don’t care. The latter sometimes go further and poison the animal’s food or put nails or razor blades in it. They are heartless and they deserve proper punishment. Not everyone is so cruel, however. A good person doesn’t hesitate to help living creatures and give them at least some food.

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