For 6 hours they could do with her body what they wanted. What they did is beyond human belief!

A good performance is meant to surprise and move an audience. Sometimes it is perceived as a controversial presentation, but this is not at all the main premise.

It is an artistic situation where both the subject matter and the subject are the performer’s body. The artist is therefore the creator and the matter of the performance. In this expression, the bodily aspect of existence is connected with the intellectual sphere and the artist’s psyche.

Marina Abramović is a Yugoslavian multimedia artist called by many as the “grandmother of performance art.” We still talk about one of her first performances to this day. It is about her performance of 1974 called, Rhythm 0, shown at the Morra studio in Naples. The premise was simple. The artist was supposed to stand for 6 hours without breaks, and the gathered people could do whatever they wanted with her. The woman could not forbid them from anything or in some way oppose their will.

What happened? Nothing good but more on this on the next page.

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