Everyone wears them but few people know what they mean. When you get to know it you will never put them on again!

Bracelets, chains and rings made of different materials have decorated women’s ankles for ages.

They are still very popular and girls put them on eagerly, especially in summer. Such jewelry was not only a decoration but it also showed social status. In Ancient Egypt, women from every social class wore it, but the most expensive jewellery was used only by the wealthiest ones. Golden, silver or iron rings decorated the ankles of rich women.

The worshippers of a Semitic god called Ball put golden chains on prostitutes so that they could be easily recognized. In ancient India, bracelets with bells were put on married women’s legs. When they were coming they could be heard from far distance and it was possible to greet them with respect and stop talking about inappropriate things.

The meaning of the trinkets has changed after the 1970s sexual revolution.

What can they tell us about the person who wears them now? Find out on the next pages!

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