The realism and precision of these drawings are striking, but even more puzzling is the fact that their author is Mariusz, a boy who was born without hands

Through perseverance one can achieve what seems impossible.

The world is not fair and some are already on the cliff because they have to deal with many adversities, such as armed conflicts, poverty, pathology or illness. Some people face the problems they encounter, and others find strength and direct their destiny toward better paths.

Coming to the world with serious disability affects the whole life of a person. Persons born with body defects from an early age must fight for normal functionality and acceptance by the environment, which requires a great deal of spirit.

Mariusz Kędzierski, a 23-year-old Polish man from Poland who lives and lives in a small town of Świdnica, is a strong character with a lot of determination. The boy came into the world without hands, but it did not break him and did not prevent him from developing artistic passions.

Mariusz draws mainly realistic and hyper-realistic portraits, and his art says:

In my play there is nothing special, except one thing – I was born without hands.

The boy has a great distance to what happened to him and nobody blames his fate. He has accepted his disability and lives with his brother.

More of Mariusz’s unique drawings can be found in the rest of this article. 

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