12 creative ways to use a hot-dog! See what interesting things you can conjure out of them!

Some say, that hot-dogs are no good, others that it’s a perfect product for a quick breakfast or supper. You can say that they have the same amount of adversaries as supporters.

Either way, it’s one of the most frequently sold meat products in our country. There are a lot of ways to serve hot-dogs. Today we show the 10 most creative ideas.

1. A holiday suggestion.

You can make cute “holiday stockings” out of hot-dogs. All you need to do is cut them into pieces, stick in a few shish kebab sticks and decorate with cheese and parsnip.



2. Hot-dogs in puff pastry.

Wrap the hot-dogs in puff pastry and gently cut. Next, form a flower out of them and bake in the oven.


3. Deep fried hot-dogs.

Stick them on a stick and bread them as much as you like. You can find the original recipe here.


4.Hot-dog dog.

Wrap the hot-dogs in dough and bake in the oven. Serve with your favorite sauces.


5. A hairy monster.

Stick in spaghetti into the hot-dogs and cook for a few minutes.


6. A hot-dog teddy.


7. On the lighter side.



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source : icreativeideas.com

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