How many triangles do you see? This graphic contains one small detail that is confusing and makes it difficult to find the correct answer

Things that appear to be simple seem to cause the most trouble.

Looking at something doesn’t mean it will be seen, because the use of visual sense consists of two stages. The first is the reception of stimuli from the environment (the image of the eye) and the second is the interpretation by the brain. If this process is not complete, there is a situation where we look at something but we are convinced that we do not see it.

To better understand the details of the images you see and to interpret the perceived stimuli more quickly, it is useful to train your vision with different puzzles. Ideally, any task such as “Count elements in an image”, “Find differences between two drawings”, or “Show a mismatched detail” is suitable for developing eye sharpness.

Kumar Ankit, one of the users of Quora, decided to encourage Internet users to exercise perception and constructed a seemingly simple puzzle. The boy drew a triangle divided into smaller parts and next to the image was the question of the number of triangles seen.

The puzzle quickly conquered the hearts of Internet users who vigorously argued for the correct number of figures in the image. Not many people noticed one small detail published by Kumara graphics, and taking it into consideration, let it influence the result.

We encourage all to try this seemingly simple puzzle. We advise them to think unconventionally, because not everything in this puzzle is as obvious as it seems.

The correct answer and the indication of all the triangles in the graphics you will find on the next page. 

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