Coming back home from war a soldier called his parents and made an unusual request. Later, when they stood next to his coffin they realized how important their answer had been.

Kindness should be offered unconditionally to every person in need.

Many people declare that if it were needed, they would forget about their own needs and help others. Unfortunately, most of such declarations never turn into action. When a real trial comes we are scared, unable to sacrifice and in search of excuses not to help the person in need.

The story of a soldier from San Francisco shows how important it is to be always willing to support other people.

He fought in Vietnam and when he came back to the country he immediately phoned his parents. He informed them that he was alive and that he was going to visit them once he was given the permission from his commander. He also asked if he could come with somebody. He told the parents it would be somebody very close to him with whom he had been through a lot at the front.

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