Struggling with a temperature of -40°F and wind blowing at a speed of 60mi/h, this dog managed to save a town.

If you regularly visit our website, you know it very well that animals, especially dogs, can be real heroes and risk their lives to help people in need.

Their fidelity and courage are amazing and sometimes it is hard to believe that animals are able to sacrifice so much. The incredible adventures of the bravest four-legged creatures are great movie material. And sometimes they do make fantastic movies about brave dogs which save human lives.

It is impossible, however, to make a movie about every brave animal. If so, movie theatres and TV stations would show moving productions of this kind every day. Fortunately, some adventures of our four-legged friends were turned into movies and now we can enjoy them on TV.

On the next pages, you will read about an incredibly courageous and determined dog Balto who saved 12 seriously ill children and prevented an epidemic that could wipe out the whole town.

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