An owner of a dog thought it was sniffing a jellyfish. When looked closer at the bubble, she jumped back in horror

One day, a resident of the English coast went with her pet for a walk. The dog suddenly ran to sizable balls secreting a distinct smell. At first, the woman thought it was a jellyfish, but when she looked closer, she immediately pulled the animal away from the suspicious substance.

It turned out to be a large cluster of palm oil. This phenomenon is becoming more common on the beaches of Hengistbury Head, Friar’s Cliff, and Barton. Sludges form from oil that is poured into drains and solidify in the tubes and then come out as a white discharge with a characteristic odor.


It looks disgusting and it is very toxic. It includes a bunch of bacteria that is dangerous to both humans and animals. Dogs and children are particularly susceptible to poisoning since they curiously approach the substances to see what they are.

I wonder why the oil was found by the ocean and not in a sewage treatment plant?


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