Amazing “coincidences” which make you think that nothing happens without a reason.

Life is full of surprises and amazing coincidences which make us wonder if there is fate.

Coincidences happen all the time. Some people believe that they are completely random but the other tend to look for patterns in them. When we calculate the probability of our parents and grandparents having met and got married, we can assume that we don’t exist. Well known historical coincidences are very interesting and make us ask the question – how was it possible?


Almost a reincarnation of Enzo Ferrari

The founder of the famous car company died in 1988. In the same year Mesut Özil, a German footballer and Arsenal player, was born. When you look at the pictures of them you can immediately see the striking resemblance!

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A Toddler Girl Enters The Swimming Pool
What a smartypants… See for yourself! If you smiled while watching it, share it on Facebook :)

Do you love bananas? See, what to look for before you buy them in the store!
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She suspected her husband to be cheating on her. She decided to find out for herself! Her deceit brought her unexpected results…
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Tears and tortures bringing national pride. See what Chinese children are forced to do to achieve the best results in sports
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