Amazing “coincidences” which make you think that nothing happens without a reason.

Life is full of surprises and amazing coincidences which make us wonder if there is fate.

Coincidences happen all the time. Some people believe that they are completely random but the other tend to look for patterns in them. When we calculate the probability of our parents and grandparents having met and got married, we can assume that we don’t exist. Well known historical coincidences are very interesting and make us ask the question – how was it possible?


Almost a reincarnation of Enzo Ferrari

The founder of the famous car company died in 1988. In the same year Mesut Özil, a German footballer and Arsenal player, was born. When you look at the pictures of them you can immediately see the striking resemblance!

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He put in a bowl 1.1 lb of cheese, an egg and flour. What came out is a great addition to any dish. Simply yummy!
Researchers from the University of Michigan proved that cheese is strongly addictive. It has been added to a group of stimulants, such as coffee or chocolate. Dr. Neal Bernard attempted even to name it milky crack :). Although its addictive effects h

When this three-year-old dressed up as her favourite princess, she heard shocking words. A child should never be treated this way!
When I grew up, I was a happy child surrounded by the love of my parents and siblings, certain that nothing wrong could happen. Even if there was cruelty, hatred or evil somewhere in the world, I wasn’t aware of it. Unfortunately not every litt

You Do Not Like Spiders And Moths? See Those That Could Be Your Friends. This Is Not A Joke, See For Yourself!
Thinking about spiders and moths makes us usually to shiver. We do not like when they are nearby and the only thing they can count on is….a newspaper or a slipper. But sometimes it is worth to look at them closer because you may find out that they

Those Fire fighters During A Rescue Found Something They Totally Did Not Expect!
Fire-fighters were called to a house fire. They thought that there is no one inside, then it turned out that there is “something” that is alive and needs help. Thanks to the fact that in the United States, fire-fighters often attach camer

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