Amazing “coincidences” which make you think that nothing happens without a reason.

Life is full of surprises and amazing coincidences which make us wonder if there is fate.

Coincidences happen all the time. Some people believe that they are completely random but the other tend to look for patterns in them. When we calculate the probability of our parents and grandparents having met and got married, we can assume that we don’t exist. Well known historical coincidences are very interesting and make us ask the question – how was it possible?


Almost a reincarnation of Enzo Ferrari

The founder of the famous car company died in 1988. In the same year Mesut Özil, a German footballer and Arsenal player, was born. When you look at the pictures of them you can immediately see the striking resemblance!

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Four Ingredient Nutella Cookies
I  love easy recipes. And this one is really easy! You will need only four ingredients to make these delicious Nutella Cookies. They are so easy to make! Just mix everything together and voila! You’re ready to bake! Ingredients: 1 cup Nutella

Meet Mehmet Inanc, an 89-year-old man who didn’t sleep for… 55 years!
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Marine Soldier Rescued And Embraced These Little Animals. See What Grew Out Of Them!
When a marine soldier found 4 small bunnies huddled near their dead mother, he knew what to do. It awoke a hero in him, so the man took the bunnies to the base. Over the months he devoted many hours to give a chance to these hares. The man fed them a

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