A desperate father of an autistic boy begs for help. If there is no result, the child may even die of thirst!

A parent is able to move heaven and earth in order to save their beloved child.

Children have their needs and parents usually do everything they can to provide for them. It is especially difficult when the children are ill as they require things that are hard to gain or organize.

Marc Carter, who lives in Great Britain, is 14-year-old Ben’s father. Unfortunately, his son suffers from severe autism. It is a central nervous system disorder that impairs the boy who practically doesn’t speak and is intellectually limited. Ben often experiences sensory overload, which is typical for autistic people.

He reacts badly to changes and he has been using the same things for years. But things get damage and cannot be used anymore. Thus, Ben’s parents have to look for them everywhere.

What exactly is Mike looking for? Will he find the thing? You can read about it on the next pages.

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source : littlethings.com, bbc.com

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