A 551 lb. (250 kg) woman gives birth. How much does the child weigh?

Obesity is a one of the lifestyle diseases and it affects about 20% of population.

There are more and more obese people and there is little hope for the statistics to get better in the near future. Food rich in calories and lack of exercise are the main causes of gaining weight. It makes us not only less attractive but also less healthy. It has been proved that overweight people more often suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney diseases and arteriosclerosis. Some people fight their obesity and want to lose weight at all costs, the other however believe that a few additional pounds is not a problem and they keep on eating fast food.


Australia is one of the countries with the highest rate of obesity in population. Almost 25% of Australians suffer from the obesity caused by a diet high in carbohydrates and sweet snacks. In 2014 Australia was on the 15th place among “ the fattest nations in the word”.

And Australia was the country where the historic childbirth, put in the Guinness Book of Records, took place. The baby was huge. Go to the next page to read more.


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