4-year-old Matthew died because of a common household spice. You probably have it at home so secure the container!

Lack of imagination and carelessness may turn an ordinary thing into a lethal weapon. Toddlers require constant supervision as they are unable to assess the dangers around them and the consequences of their actions. The presence of an adult may minimize the risk of an accident but sometimes it is really hard to avoid a tragedy.

Brianna Radar was an ordinary mother of a 4-year-old boy. Her son Matthew was a bright and curious child. He liked fooling around, climbing and exploring. Brianna watched him carefully but even the best and most caring mother can’t stay with the child all the time. Unfortunately, Matthew, spending an afternoon at home, managed to get out of his mother’s sight and went to play in the kitchen. The boy found a spice compartment in the cupboard and decided to taste the spice.

This apparently innocent desire killed him. What happened to the boy? You will find out on the next pages.

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source : littlethings.com, youtube.com

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